It’s been a while…

Wow, it has been a while since I posted to my blog! Sorry about that.

As has been my tradition for the past few years now, I have tentatively planned out my artistic endeavours for 2020. In an effort to not get burned out, I have reduced the number of daily art challenges, but I am extremely excited for what I have planned to share with you all this year. 

January – “Doodle Doolz”

A collaborative weekly challenge that will see four unique prompts from four unique artists during the month of January. Myself along with Merk (@merkasylum), Kyle Lees (@thekylelees) and Collin Rackham (@cgrackham) will each come up with a prompt and we will then draw each other’s prompts. Follow along on Instagram with the #doodledoolz hash tag! I plan to complete this challenge digitally.

February – “Post-Rock” 

In keeping with my musical-themed daily prompts, I will endeavour to produce a unique watercolour painting daily during the month of February, inspired by a playlist of mostly instrumental post-rock tracks.

March – “March of Robots”

I had a lot of fun with this challenge last March, so I decided to do it again! I will do a new digital sketch of a robot each day during the month of March.

April – “Animals”

During the month of April I plan to produce approximately 15-20 watercolour paintings of some of my favourite animals. 

May – “MAYnard: Fear Inoculum”

For my musical challenge during the month of May, I will once again produce artwork inspired by the music of Maynard James Keenan, however this time I will produce a cohesive collection of 10 ink drawings that will effectively illustrate the new Tool album, Fear Inoculum. 

June – “Cartoon Creations”

I want to do something completely original for the month of June and produce a collection of character sketches that expand upon some of the doodles and creatures that populate my old sketchbooks and some successful prints from art school. Some of the characters I plan to expand upon in this series have been in the back of my head for years, and it’s about time I get them on paper. I may do these digitally, or I may use pen and ink/watercolours. 

July – “Super July” 

During July I plan to use watercolours for my own take on some of my favourite superheroes and comic book characters. 

August – “August Abstractions” 

This is one of my favourite daily prompts; simply working in ink in my sketchbook on a daily basis to create some abstract doodles. 

September – “Single Image”

Every day during the month of September I plan to work on a single ink drawing. I may spend an hour on some days, and I may spend five minutes on other days, but the final image will be a month’s worth of mark-making on a single piece of paper. 

October – “Inktober” 

The challenge that kick-started my reemergence into the art world after being away from it for too long. I may continue with Volume 2 of the Icons of Horror, or I may do something different. Either way, it will be daily ink drawings during October. 

November – “NINvember” 

I still have a lot more Nine Inch Nails to illustrate. This will be another daily watercolour challenge inspired by the music of my favourite band of all-time. 

December – “Acrylic Faces & Figures” 

During December, I hope to produce 4-6 acrylic paintings of faces and/or figures. 

During 2020 I plan to display and sell my artwork at the Spring and Fall editions of The Craft Revival, ThunderCon, and possibly the Craftlandia show. If the Bizarre Bazaar occurs in 2020, I will also be there. 

Also, be sure to follow me on Instagram, where I post all of my artwork. @rymack_creations. 

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