My Creative Plan for 2019

2018 has been the most creatively productive and artistically fulfilling year of my life since completing my Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts at Lakehead University. What started in October 2017 as an attempt to remedy the frustration and resulting depression with losing the connection to my creative self turned into 457 days of art-making, 457 unique works of art, my first two craft shows where I was able to share and sell my work and a complete rediscovery and strengthening of the artistic side of myself that I thought I had lost.

Additionally, I discovered that I love watercolours as a medium, which is something I intend to explore further. I have also discovered some amazing artists, photographers, videographers, writers and musicians on Instagram and YouTube that have (and will continue to) serve as massive inspirations to me into the New Year, along with the usual heroes that inspire me.

I spent the end of 2017 and the entirety of 2018 committed to creating a work of art every single day, based on monthly themes and daily prompts. The majority of the prompts I used were songs from my favourite artists. Now that I feel confident in my re-emerging artistic abilities and healthy addiction to art-making, I have sat down to “plan” my creative endeavours for 2019.

While I am still committed to carrying out some form of creative act every day, I have restructured my approach a bit to allow for some larger, more complex works. Doing something small every single day is a massive commitment of time, which prevented me from doing anything a bit bigger; by the end of 2019 I want to have completed a collection of works that would be worthy of hanging in an art show at an art gallery.

As such, I present to you my tentative plan for 2019 (and I say tentative because my plans may change):

January- I plan to create 4 large watercolour paintings.

February- I plan to create a drawing every day inspired by the music of Opeth, as I did in 2018, except this year I will be using charcoal.

March- I plan to follow the #MarchOfRobots daily drawing prompt to create a collection of robot drawings. I will do these drawings digitally.

April- I plan to create 4-6 acrylic paintings.

May- I plan to create a drawing every day inspired by the music of Maynard James Keenan (Tool, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer), as I did in 2018, except this year I plan to combine ink drawings with ink washes and possibly watercolour washes.

June- I plan to create 4-6 “mixed media” artworks utilizing acrylics, oils, found objects, and anything else that might work.

July- I plan to create another 4 large watercolour paintings.

August- I plan to do daily abstract ink drawings in my sketchbook, as I did in 2018. If time permits, I may also try and create up to 4 acrylic paintings based on some of the abstract sketches.

September- I plan to create a watercolour painting every day inspired by the music of Marilyn Manson, as I did in 2018.

October- I plan to follow the #Inktober daily drawing challenge, however I may use the #Drawlloween prompt list.

November- I plan to create a watercolour painting every day inspired by the music of Nine Inch Nails, as I did in 2018.

December- I plan to follow the #Drawcember daily drawing challenge. I haven’t decided on a theme yet (any suggestions?), but I will be creating these works digitally as I did in 2018.

On top of my daily/weekly/monthly art challenges, there are a few other creative pursuits that I plan on continuing to explore during 2019:

Photography- This is the one major creative endeavour that I have been fairly consistent with for the last 8 years, as it plays a major role in my day job. I plan to take my photography to the next level by at the very least taking more pictures. I also plan to upgrade my camera at some point in 2019.

Graphic Design- Another creative outlet that I get to utilize at my day job, I plan to continue to grow and develop my digital art-making abilities.

Website Design- While I do have the makings of a decent enough website, I plan to create a much more robust online portfolio of my work in 2019.

Writing- I plan to continue with my weekly movie reviews, as well as try and publish more content here on my blog. Additionally, I really want to start making some progress on “my book”…

Videography- My love of art started with a love of film. I originally wanted to be a movie director, but I wanted to be a movie director like Tim Burton, James Cameron and Ridley Scott (i.e. an artist first), so I went to art school which was then supposed to lead me to film school. While that didn’t happen, my love and passion for filmmaking has never left me. With an upgraded camera I hope to try my hand at creating some interesting videos, whether nature videos and mini-documentaries applicable to my day job, or more experimental projects that could lead to full-blown video installations, which is the last place I was exploring while at art school and something I would like to revisit.

I wanted to take a quick moment to thank my friends and family for the truly remarkable amount of support and encouragement I’ve received while carrying out my newfound love of art-making. Whether to was words of encouragement, critiques, the purchasing of my work, etc. I want to thank YOU all for helping me rediscover my creative self.

While 2018 was extremely productive and exciting, I have high hopes and big dreams for 2019. I better get started…